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Marj Mendez

I looked so happy on the outside, but I was sad and depressed inside. I was diabetic, and my sugars were so high that my doctor was suggesting a pump. I hated buying clothes, looking at myself in the mirror, or going anywhere outside my house. I was in sales and felt the stigma of being obese.

When I took all five kids to Disney World, I suffered. My feet hurt so badly that I couldn't walk, so I sat and waited for everyone. I was afraid to go on all the rides because of my size. And I was becoming miserable on the outside, too.

My kids took the brunt of my size; kids are mean to each other at times and use an overweight parent as a way to taunt the child. I didn't have a social life and was so self-conscious that if I did want to go out, I was miserable trying to get ready.

I started this optimal health program not expecting it to work. I believed I would be sending it back within the first two weeks, but I never looked back after week one.

I am confident and make new friends easily. We've been back to Disney several times now, and I ran all over without a break rode whatever ride I wanted without hesitation. And I can shop in any store and buy anything I want! I don't even try it on because I know it will fit. I went from hating shopping to it being my second career.

*Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan™ with support is 20 lbs.

Daily Health Tips. Build up your muscle strength with weight resistance training three days a week.

Give yourself the gift of a life with purpose. Commit to walking the path toward Optimal Health in the year ahead!